Our core focus will be to drive your goals and supercharge your potential in 2022! 

With a strong community of driven female entrepreneurs supporting each other with the shared purpose of achieving next level results.

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Whether you’ve already experienced a high level of success and are looking for exponential growth or you’ve experienced some success and are looking to grow to the next level.

Joining a mastermind group is one of the best decisions you can make in your business.





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You know you want to set and achieve your goals, but when it comes down to actually doing the work and making progress, motivation can get lost in the sea of distractions.

Your business doesn’t get the priority it deserves and it’s time to give it exactly that.

The Next Level Mastermind is an online focused group of inspirational women in business who will provide support, encouragement and ideas for 12 weeks to help you smash your goals!




Goal Setting Training

12 Weeks of High Performance Audios and Downloads

Private Mastermind Group Access

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Weekly 90-min “Hot Seat” Calls

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Weekly Accountability in the Mastermind

Mastermind Peer Group Support

Combined Knowledge and Experience


Offering a HUGE variety of support...

Community Support


Weekly Biz Chats


Co-Working Sessions


The Training Vault



Join Today

£1,000 + vat

(Limited places available)

Next Level Mastermind Starts In

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Is This You?

What they say...

Sooooo I have never ever been in a mastermind before and was very very nervous about going into one!  But I know how much insane value Nicky gives in support, encouragement and her insane value in her knowledge.  The mastermind has only been running for two weeks and boy have those two weeks been insane in a good way!  

Nicky goes above and beyond to help and is just so supportive of everyone and the rest of the mastermind ladies are so fabulous and supportive too.  The audibles and videos every week and having Nicky in my ear is just fabulous and I cannot thank Nicky enough for this mastermind.  My experience so far has just been more than I could have imagined not just from Nicky but from the others within the mastermind.  Best decision I made …

I love the goal setting, it was better once you gave an example of how to break everything down, it really helped me stay on track, even after my blip It was easier to get back to it. The extra motivation vids are fab and I love the Wednesday voice mail, really makes me smile and feel part of the mastermind. Always love live sessions because I learn from what the others are doing as well as the support everyone gives me. Loving it Nicky …

You are serving all areas so far, I am getting more out of this than I could’ve asked for or hoped for. The hot seat sessions are simply awesome, not just from the individual support and feedback we get from everyone, you included. But the tips you learn from others journey also is invaluable. Loving it so far  thank you Nicky …

What Is A Mastermind

A mastermind group is a like minded group of women who meet regularly and are committed to growing their businesses.

The Next Level Mastermind does this by bringing women together to share their expertise, knowledge and skills. That shared experience helps you accelerate in your business and increase your bottom line.

The members of The Next Level Mastermind are motivated to grow their business working from home, it is not a hobby! They’re entrepreneurial, inspiring and are committed to sharing their creative ideas and help with common struggles and frustrations you might experience. They provide invaluable support and encourage you to keep going during the tough times.

An intimate group of entrepreneurs, all committed to the success of one another’s businesses. The Next Level Mastermind includes a combination of high level group mentoring, brainstorming, accountability, and support.

If you are looking to increase and diversify your income, create a larger impact with your business and be a part of a group who can keep you accountable and give you ideas on how to grow, The Next Level Mastermind is for you.

The Next Level Mastermind Includes:-

Learn The Four Steps to Consistent Clients and Income

Fabulous Foundations Framework

The strength of this framework comes from finding and fixing the missing links in your online business.

The Visibility & Value Method

Visibility and value are key to your success and there is no need to be on social 24/7 - The V&V Method will show you how.

The Winning Offer Audit

Offering a whole buffet card of services. The Winning Offer Audit will scale down to scale you up.

The Core Strengths Accumulator

We all have unique strengths that sometimes get forgotten along the way - it's time to rediscover and maximise your potential.

Plus! 4 Incredible Masterclasses!

Dream Sales Attractor

A triple masterclass focused on giving you your power back in your business - this is a must for every online business owner.

Dream Funnel Masterclass

A 60 minute masterclass packed to the rafters of information that will attract your dream clients, free your time and calm your mind!


We will be striving for success every step of the way…


Just imagine setting an awesome goal (or 3!) and knocking them out of the park during the our 12 weeks together! 

Unlike other masterminds, The Next Level Mastermind commits to supporting your productivity.


It’s one thing attending the mastermind and engaging and brainstorming your challenges with your entrepreneurial peer group. But, it’s another actually taking action and committing to getting the work done.


That’s why on top of all the Mastermind awesomeness, you get the complimentary bonus of joining The Next Level Club, a fabulous online membership for women just like you in business that offers training, co-working sessions and Biz Chat’s!




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£1,000 +vat

(Limited places available)

Next Level Mastermind Starts Soon!

Mastermind Now Closed

Your Next Level Mastermind Mentor

Nicky Williams

With HUGE amounts of experience in online business and mentoring, Nicky brings high energy, enthusiasm and her expert knowledge to every hot seat table.

Having run a successful unique online membership for several years, 5 FREE Challenge’s & hundreds of Guest Expert sessions teaching thousands of participants and having great success with her VIP Signature Programme and 1:1 Clients, Nicky wanted to go one step further.

This Mastermind is filling the gap that’s left by many programmes.

Small VIP Group 

Combined Expert Knowledge 

Next Level Goals 

Weekly VIP Hot Seat Sessions

Full Access To Co-Working Sessions

Full Access To The Training Vault

It’s the perfect sum for Next Level Online Business Owners.

Client Words



Join Today – £1,000 +vat

(Limited places available)

Next Level Mastermind Starts Soon!

PLUS gain access to The Next Level Club and £3,000+ of Bonuses

If you have no business idea and very early in your start up then I suggest reaching out to me to find out if you are a good fit.

You may find spending time in The Next Level Club the first step in your journey, but let’s work that out together.

Email to discuss.

You are signing up for 12 weeks.

Does it have to end there, no!

Many of my clients want to continue working long term with me.

You will be given the option to sign up for another 3 months if you wish to.

However, you are not tied in. I only want you to be part of The Next Level Mastermind for as long as YOU need it.

I know from many years of experience who get’s the best results from working with me in group scenario.  Therefore this Mastermind is women only.

However, I warmly welcome non-binary humans, men and women, to work 1:1 with me or in the Next Level Membership.

  • Increased monthly revenue x2 x3 x4 x5+
  • Rekindling passion and joy
  • Finding the missing links and fixing the leaks
  • Radically changing prices and dream clients paying without question
  • Revolutionising social media from loathing to loving
  • Achieving consistent visibility
  • Creating a product suite trio that is fully focused on dream clients pain points
  • Consistent growth personally and financially
  • Streamlining procedures
  • Leaving the hustle behind 
  • Leading with insane value to create THE perfect impression
  • Increasing passive income
  • Opening a monthly membership
  • Establishing consistent recurring revenue
  • Sticking to a strategy that works
  • Avoiding shiny object syndrome and the social media scroll
  • Increased commitment and focus
  • Evolving from solopreneur to building a team
  • Delivering more value and working less

You truly can achieve anything should you put your mind and attention to it!

What Date Do We Start

The Next Level Mastermind will start again in February

When Do The Hot Seats Take Place

Weekly hot seat sessions.

These calls will last approximately 90 minutes. 

The time will be decided in the first week.  We may not be able to suit everyone but we will try our best and go with the majority vote.

It really is very important to come along to these sessions, but I understand that life can take over or you have other priorities –  remember – you want to make your business priority for the next 12 weeks.

What happens if you absolutely can’t make the session:

If you can’t make the session, you can ask questions in our private community and we will cover it during the live hot seat session as best we can without you present and your interactive feedback.

Giving us ALL the information will help us help you!

Sessions will also be recorded.  I will aim to give you the link for replay as soon as possible. 

The Private Facebook Group

The Next Level Mastermind Group is for you and your fellow members to use for support, brainstorming, wins and hugs for the times they are needed.

You will not only grow stronger as business owners but as friends and supporters during your 12 weeks together.

Focused Content

Each week I will add short audios into the group to maximise your potential and help you become a high performer.


You will also gain FREE access to The Next Level Club FREE and all it’s resources:-

  • Members Group
  • Training Vault
  • Biz Chats
  • Working Together Sessions
  • Bonuses worth £k’s

The fee you sign up for is the fee you pay.

Please ensure you are absolutely sure this is for you as there are no refunds available.

ALL the information is within this page to make that informed decision.

If you need clarity on anything before you purchase email – Please allow 2 working days for a response.

This Masterclass is unique as I’m making it affordable yet transformational to Entrepreneurs who are seeking freedom in time and money.

Every member will have a different reason for joining, here are the main two reasons why people join.

Accountability Goals

This is THE best Mastermind for accountability, support and mindset which will move you forward in your life and business.

We use a joint goal tracking system to keep control of our goals right down to the to-do list and this creates MONUMENTAL leaps forward with the members.

Financial Goals

Whether you are heading for £2/5k a month or going for the £10/20k months and you have a business at the ready, this Mastermind is right for you.

If you are wanting to go above these figures, I would suggest that you enquire about working 1:1 with me and that this Mastermind is possibly not for you.

Some of the goals from the current cohort:

  • Streamline business and empower team
  • Consistency and completing tasks
  • Create a small local business community
  • To gain focus and clarity on my business
  • Complete Phd whilst preparing a service to sell online
  • Earn 1.5k per month
  • Earn consistent £5k months
  • Earn £10k in Q1
  • Increase income £3k, £4k and £5k monthly by the end of 2022

If you have 90 minutes a week, ensure you make the Live Hot Seat sessions.

If you have more hours – amazing!  The VIP group and resources are there to help supercharge your journey.

Your results will be impacted by the time and effort you put into them.

You may see results within one month, or it may take longer.

What I can’t do is promise you the world because there are so many factors outside of this Mastermind that is personal to you.

Your time, commitment and personal and business circumstances all have a role in your results.

However, the Mastermind is delivered to ensure you get THE best chance at reaching those results!

And some of the incredible results of MM Members can be read on this page!

PLUS! We had 100% of the last cohort sign up for their second Mastermind – which is an EPIC result!

You complete the Mastermind and you’re wanting to know what is next…

The majority of the Mastermind members join again because of the HUGE benefits and leaps forward which their time in the Mastermind.

When your business and life is impacted so positively why wouldn’t you continue, right?!

Presently I am allowing current Mastermind members to continue at the price they joined and this would be the same for you.

If the price of the MM goes up, your price stays the same if you sign up for your next round.

Still not sure - email to find out if you are a good fit for The Next Level Mastermind.